Matlab functions    from  Biom├ęCardio    


Function summary

clinspace Curvilinearly spaced points on a parametric curve
cumsimps Cumulative Simpson's numerical integration
dctn N-dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform
evar Variance estimation
fspecial3 Create predefined 3-D filters
hmf Hybrid median filter
idctn N-dimensional inverse Discrete Cosine Transform
imax Interpolated largest elements in array
imin Interpolated smallest elements in array
medfilt3 1-D, 2-D and 3-D median filtering
orthofit Fit orthogonal polynomials to data
otsu Data and image segmentation using Otsu's method
polycenter Area and centroid of polygon
polydeg Find an optimal degree for polynomial fitting
sffilt Scalar function-based filtering
simps Simpson's numerical integration
smoothn Robust automatic smoothing of 1-D to N-D data


About the author

Damien Garcia, Eng., Ph.D.
Assistant professor, Department of radiology
CRCHUM, University of Montreal Hospital
Montreal, QC, Canada