– Simulations, demodulation, beamforming, compounding
 – Plane-wave imaging & diverging-wave echocardiography

Step-by-step plane-wave imaging
Step-by-step diverging-wave echocardiography

Click on the images to be directed to illustrated and user-friendly examples.

•  Focused waves  •

 – Simulate conventional ultrasound imaging by using wave focusing
 – Generate RF data and visualize acoustic pressure fields

Focused wave with a PHASED array
Focused wave with a LINEAR array
Focused wave with a CURVED array

•  RF signals  &  I/Q demodulation  •

 – Simulate and post-process RF signals
 – Demodulate RF signals to get I/Q signals
 – Use undersampled RF signals

Get the envelope of an undersampled RF signal
Simulate RF signals
Beamform I/Q signals

•  Ultrafast ultrasound  •

 – Plane-wave & diverging-wave imaging
 – Multi-line transmit

Plane-wave imaging
Diverging-wave imaging
Simulate multi-line transmit

•  Transmit delays  &  beamforming  •

 – Adjust the transmit delays
 – Use sparse-matrix DAS beamforming

Transmit delays for a diverging wave
Beamform with a sparse DAS matrix
Beamform I/Q signals from a curved array

•  Simulate  •

 – Simulate acoustic fields and RF signals
 – Make movie frames and animated GIFs

Simulate diverging-wave ultrasound imaging
Simulate diverging-wave echocardiography
Creating animated GIFs is as easy as 1-2-3

•  Color Doppler,  vector Doppler  &  speckle tracking  •

 – Get Doppler velocities from beamformed I/Q signals
 – Beamform with receive angles to obtain vector Doppler

Color Doppler with plane wave imaging
Vector Doppler with plane wave imaging
Speckle tracking with plane wave imaging