txdelay Generate transmit delays for a uniform rectilinear or curved array

rf2iq I/Q demodulation of RF data

tgc Time-gain compensation of RF or I/Q signals


das Delay-and-sum of RF and I/Q signals

dasmtx Delay-and-sum matrix for beamforming with sparse matrix-vector multiplication

Color Doppler  &  speckle tracking

wfilt Wall (clutter) filtering based on polynomial regression, truncated DCT, or truncated SVD

iq2doppler Convert I/Q signals to Doppler velocities by using an auto-correlator

sptrack Motion estimation by speckle tracking


getparam Get parameters of a uniform linear or convex array

getpulse Get the one-way or two-way transmit pulse

pfield RMS acoustic pressure field of a linear or convex array

simus Simulation of 2-D ultrasound RF signals for a linear or convex array


impolgrid Polar-type grid for ultrasound images

bmode Generate 8-bit B-mode images from I/Q signals

dopplermap A color map for color Doppler

mkmovie Make movie frames and animated GIF of wave propagation and backscattering